09/27/20 Sermon – Attacks on Personhood, Part 1

The ultimate struggle is between God and Satan for the eternal souls of people and the battle takes place primarily in the hearts and minds of people. Many of the attacks of Satan are directed against what God affirms about our personhood, our nature and value as...

08/30/20 Sermon – What God Says about the Value of People

A few weeks ago we considered the question, “On what basis do people judge whether a life matters or not?” We looked at some popular bases and how they assess whether lives matter or not. According to the basis most people use, no lives matter or some...

08/16/20 Guest Message – Broken and Poured Out

From almost the time before we can even talk, we are taught the importance of money. We are taught that we must “save up” for some item that we want, or we are told that that particular thing costs too much money. We are told that we must not waste our...

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